Senior Software Engineer

NextSilicon is looking for software engineers to develop the company’s product, a brand new processor architecture. If you're a systems programmer who wants to build a complex runtime for a revolutionary heterogeneous processor architecture, your place is with us. We're writing compilers, drivers, firmware, and our unique optimizer and runtime. Our engineers are not siloed into narrow areas; our ideas are cross-fertilized among teams. Our technical backgrounds are diverse and we don't have preferred approaches or cookbooks, so come and invent! Oh, and if you don't like what the hardware does, the hardware teams are just a few steps away and really like hearing our ideas. We care about results and insist on doing things right.

Key qualifications

  • Previous experience working as a software engineer: a must
  • Experience in C, C++, or another systems programming language
  • Previous work on at least one of:
    • Compilers, emulators, JIT engines, or anything similar
    • Firmware, drivers
    • Hypervisors
    • Real-time or near-real-time systems
    • Algorithm implementation in a system programming language

Hesitating? Just apply!

No one is ready and qualified to write software for never-before-seen hardware. None of our engineers knows everything or feels complete mastery over every line of code. Imposter syndrome is inevitable. If you're a systems programmer who thinks this sounds cool and is eager to learn and stretch all your skills, just submit your CV.